WF Pray tends toward the private and resists bio’s as he says, “It can encourage reducing an artist’s message to biography.”

Consequently, he insists on a brief summary—for more info consult his personal webpage []. He was born in California, spent most of his youth in foster homes, which he believes, in his case, was not a negative experience. However, although never abused, Pray received no encouragement in school.

Growing up in such an environment led to him dropping out of high school. In those days, the early sixties, high school education was not required for the military, and with the Selective Service breathing down his neck, he did the right thing. After living life in the raw for a few years, working manual labour and driving trucks, Pray completed junior college, then earned a BA and MA in Political Science, from Cal State, Northridge (CSUN.); a second MA, in Philosophy, was a personal goal and was earned some twenty years later. After a couple of jobs with the state and the county, he taught mathematics for several years. As a last capstone to his career in education, he worked a few years as a dean of students.  WF has written most of his life and had a few things published over the years. Now in retirement, he writes nearly full time. Enough said about the phoenix, WF Pray, let’s let his work speak for him.

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