Ravendove is the nom de plume of a multi-pronged creative, whose book (with RW Klarin) Courageous Collaborative Cagebreakers inspired this website and movement.  For the first time his soulful commentary appears on the Firebird Rising.  (RW Klarin)

The tones of the sixties vibrated in my ears

and the word was REVOLUTION

as a child, I loved things that spin

a coin atop a ball

and i knew i was gonna change things

make this world spin on my finger y’all

so i got educated

i could philosophize and quote Rousseau

Cervantes Gibran Emerson and Thoreau

i read quantum theory string theory

hell, i read timothy leary

but along the way i lost the plan

i was well rounded see                with no center

i was donut man

suddenly the only revolution i knew

was the rotation of planet livin’ day to day 2 day 2 day

stranded on a kiln i was clay

oozing thru the fingers of everyone else’s

whims and ideas of what i should be

molded and shaped like dough

never minding cz it’s cool

to be kneeded

one day i looked in the mirror and didn’t

recognize the person staring back

next day it was the same way

and the day after that and the day after that

there was a stranger hanging on the wall

so eventually i stopped looking at all